About Us

Pirrotti & Glatt Law Firm PLLC is synonymous with Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Law. We represent people who have been seriously injured or died as a result of the negligence/fault of another person or entity, because of a car accident; worksite accident; slip/trip and fall and/or defective condition at a premises (such as at a residence, business, school, street, etc); medical malpractice (such as by a doctor, hospital, nurse, nursing home, etc); dog bite; defective product; etc. We litigate relentlessly to obtain the compensation you deserve, all on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no attorney’s fee unless there is a recovery. The State of New York regulates the contingency fee for all lawyers; however, some lawyers get better results than others, and our proof is in our statistics.


Our reputation as relentless advocates for our clients is known amongst the Judiciary, attorneys and insurance companies. We are honored that in addition to prior clients, attorneys and Judges who refer clients to our law firm, we are also privileged to represent Judges, Court Attorneys, Court Personnel and attorneys when they are injured. When the people we appear before, or who are our adversaries, come to our firm for representation, or refer their family members, that is a great accolade and honor for us.

Winning a case is not a matter of luck; it is due to tireless effort. We approach every case as if it is going to proceed to trial. We handle every aspect of the case – intake, investigation, medical record review, paper discovery, depositions, motions, appeals, Court Conferences, Mediations, Settlement negotiations and Trials. Each client gets our personal attention and the benefit of case participation by all of us: teamwork is what makes us successful.


While everyone at Pirrotti & Glatt Law Firm PLLC has particular talents, it is the combination of those talents that contributes to the firm’s success. No case is handled entirely by just one person. Rather, we take a collaborative approach when it comes to nearly every aspect of case handling, with each and every one of us giving 100% effort and working tirelessly towards a singular goal – maximizing the compensation that you deserve.


We do our job for you while you are recovering the best you can from your physical and financial injuries. As a boutique firm, purposely with a limited/select number of clients, we take the time to learn about you, your injuries, and your pain and suffering. You came to us for a reason: you are vulnerable and need help, from people who care, leave no stone unturned and get results. By establishing a personal relationship with each client and knowing everything about your case and the law, we are able to effectively and convincingly convey your damages to insurance companies, defense attorneys and Judges/Juries.